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Who We Are

We are a group of professionals dedicated to helping you grow your business with our many years of experience in both the salon industry and marketing industry.Our goal is to provide local beauty salon owners with the best professional service platform.

Our Services

BTG provides a simple, quick and convenient appointment management system; website and marketing solutions to help salon businesses to grow faster and smoother.

Why Work with Us


All you need right here

To run a successful beauty business, you need more than just an easy-to-use booking system. You also need a user-friendly website, customer-oriented branding strategy, and a great team to support you. All-in-one platform: BTG has got you covered.


Focusing on “How To”

With years of experience in the salon business, in addition to experience in marketing and website design, we can provide your business with all the necessary tools and services to scale your business.


Social Media Marketing

We have an influential Instagram page that can connect your salon to your target market. Through our marketing tactics and diversified customer base, we can boost customer leads tailored for your salon. With BTG, you can focus on your customers at the salon and we’ll take care of the rest.

Looking for more information?

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